~I drove my car and go to the reset road,he comes to me and decided to take me away.~

"Oh,little May.who let you get mad and come to depend on me?"
"Uh.......Oh!That's alright,I think I know what happened.I won't ask you this question anymore."
"Rolya,give me a water."
"A water?"
"A glass of water."小冰梅不耐煩的把句子說的更正確一點.
"Ok,my little girl.Just a second."
"(喝水聲).......somebody come here and ask about me of late?"
"About you...let me see......Oh!Yeah!Have one,an old man.He asks where you left for.You don't come here yet that time,so I said I don't know."
"Oh!no,he'll back here soon."
"He's such a craftiness fox.While the thing he want,he'll go to get it unscrupulously."
"May!come on in!Hide in here!"羅亞拖著她慌張的說.把她丟進一間酒窖裡,並把門關上.~
"Where's she?"那個男人一進來,第一句話就對羅亞這麼問.
"I told you,I don't know."羅亞不耐的說"I don't know who the "she" you said is."
"May I go in?"那男人朝羅亞問.
"Sure,go ahead."羅亞爽朗的說;他只能盡量讓對方不對他起疑.
"May,I know you're here.Just stop hiding,You can't escape through my eyes."
"Ok,let me have a beer."他說著回身走進去.他才剛進去沒多久,就看到小冰梅突然出現在他面前.他還來不及反應,整個身體就癱軟了下去.
"HHHH!You want to get me?Don't stupid!You go to die."
"How do you want to dispose of him?"羅亞懶懶的問.
"I think,he's for you anymore.I can't wait to eat a fantastic food.The human's meal."
"Gee,your vocabularies are still unusual."~
~This is an experiment writing~


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